Handmade gender neutral clothing designs by LGBTQ people for LGBTQ people and allies.

The primary motivation behind Gay Apparel is to provide people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer—an umbrella term used to encompass any individuals whose sexual or gender identities do not line up with the historical norm of heterosexuality and cisgenderism—with an outlet to express themselves through fashion.

Meet the Founder & Designer

“My name is Kenzi Laumann I use she her hers pronouns, I am a rising senior majoring in French and Women and Gender Studies with a concentration in Management studies. I founded this company because I wanted clothes that helped me express my identity as a bisexual woman.”

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Homegrown in Minnesota.

We Proudly Support

OutFront Minnesota is an organisation that works to advocate and empower LGBTQ+ people in our community.

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